A Novel Bunch Holiday Greeting!

A Novel Bunch, the library’s book club that meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month, is talking about a favorite book in December. Each member will give a 5-6 minute summary of a favorite book that they’ve read.  It can be from their childhood, such as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, or a series such as The Lord of the Rings by J. R.R. Tolkien or a recent bestseller like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn!  

I’ll be talking about a book that was published in 2010 and recommended for book clubs!   The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom  takes place on a southern plantation in Virginia, in the late 1700’s- early 1800’s.  A young Irish girl, Lavinia looses her parents on a ship and she and her brother are bought by the ship’s captain and she comes to live at Tall Oaks plantation as an indentured servant.  Her close relationship  with Belle, the Captain’s illegitimate daughter and the other slaves on the estate as a young girl, is contrasted with her acceptance by the Captain’s wife and son as she matures.  Straddling the worlds of the Big House and the Kitchen House and seen through the eyes of Lavinia and Belle, this story  is about race, social status, familial bonds and dark secrets!

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Take and Make Holiday Crafts

gnomeLooking for some new decorations for the holidays?  The library has some take and make kits containing all the supplies and instructions (except for the glue) to make a gnome and a Christmas tree.  Stop by the desk to get yours.  There is  limit of one per person. Have a little holiday fun without ever leaving home!

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Access the Library’s DVD Collection at home

If you want to know whether the library has a particular DVD you can always call the library. Well, not always. Not if it’s outside library hours.
But there is a way to access the library’s card catalog on your home computer. Here’s how:
1. Go to and click on the “catalog” tab.
2. Type in the title of the movie
3. Click on ‘title.’
If the library has it, the information about it will come up.
However, if you don’t know a title, but just want to browse the DVD collection? Here’s how:
1. Follow step #1
2. Beneath the green bar are four tabs (basic, power, visual, & copy categories). Click on the “power” tab.
3. Fill in only two fields.
In the first ‘keyword’ field type “DVD”
In the ‘material field’ dropdown box select “video”
4. Click on the search box (with the magnifying glass)
This will bring up our entire collection of DVD’s, numbering around 2,750.
Have Fun!

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Changes at the Library

If you have been to the library lately, you’ve probably noticed some changes going on.

We shifted things in Fiction and Mysteries to make room for the Westerns on that side of the stacks. Then we moved the Indiana collection over to the beginning of Non-Fiction. Also, Audio Books were moved to the space where the recently phased out VHS tapes had been. With all that space opened up, we were able to shift the big table near the front entry over by the Indiana books.

More changes are coming. With most items in a slightly (or drastically) new place, don’t be surprised if you can’t find some things. Just ask at the desk. We’re glad to help. If we see you wandering around with a confused look, we’ll probably offer assistance.

Please pardon any noise, mess or inconvenience.

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Brown County is full of fiber artists, and the library has a good selection of materials on the fiber arts. New additions to the collection are all about weaving on a rigid heddle loom.

Great for absolute newbies and expert weavers alike, a rigid heddle loom is both a gateway to the wide world of weaving and a useful tool for any weaver.hands on

The library has the classic book Hands -on Rigid Heddle Weaving, by Betty Davenport, to get you started off on the right foot.

If you learn better from instructional videos rather than books, two new dvds are available, both by expert weaver Liz Gipson. To get you started there is slotsSlots and Holes: 3 Ways to Warp Your Rigid Heddle Loom. And for tips, tricks, and problem solving along your weaving journey take a look at Weaving Well on Your Rigid Heddle Loom.life after

Last but not least, the book Weave, Knit, Wear will provide you with inspiration and projects for clothing and accessories that combine woven fabric and knitting. The weaving was all done with a rigid heddle loom, proving that weaving on a simple loom does not doom you to never ending scarves and hand towels – you can make clothing too!

weave knit

So, if you’ve ever wondered about weaving, a good place to start learning is at the library.


Weave, Knit, Wear – Judith Shangold, 746.1 SHA

Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving – Betty Davenport, 746.1 DAV

Slots and Holes: 3 Ways to Warp Your Rigid Heddle Loom – Liz Gipson, 746.1 SLO

Weaving Well on Your Rigid Heddle Loom (Life After Warping) – Liz Gipson, 746.1 LIF

More weaving resources at INSPIRE ” Other Databases ” Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

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