Hoosier Poetry

“When the Frost is on the Punkin . . .” may come to mind when Fall comes to Indiana. Or perhaps as Halloween approached you heard, “An’ the Gobble-uns’ll git you Ef you Don’t Watch Out!” The author of those lines, James Whitcomb Riles, is well-known to many Hoosiers. In fact his name adorns the stone above the lower entry to our library here in Nashville.

However, there are others who have written about Indiana whose poetry is worth discovering. Each one approaches our state a bit differently. Their work isn’t written in the rhythmic rhymes that Riley used. Rather the flow of their words takes you gradually into the countryside, hills, towns, and farms where many of us grew up, or where those who moved here have come to feel is home.

As one of the authors tells us, “The purpose of poetry is to tell us about ourselves.” And so these writings do. Try them out and see for yourself.

They can be found under the subject heading “Indiana poetry” or by looking up author or title.

Carter, Jared. ” After the Rain.” 811.54 CAR
Carter, Jared. “Cross the Bridge at a Walk.” 811.54 CAR
Krapt, Norbert. “Somewhere in Southern Indiana” 811.54 KRA
Krapf, Norbert. “Bloodroot: Indiana Poems.” 811.54 KRA
Manning, Maurice. “Bucolics: poems.” 811.6 MAN

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